ImageContext is an independent visual communication consultancy founded in 2005 and run by Krassen Krestev.

Krassen Krestev graduated in 1997 with cum laude the MFA course of Book and Graphic Design at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2003 he graduated with cum laude the MFA Graphic Design course at the St. Joost Academy in Breda, the Netherlands. The same year he was enrolled at the MA Type & Media type design course at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, which he graduated in 2004.

Currently Krassen Krestev runs the ImageContext visual communication consultancy and teaches graphic design and typography at the American University in Dubai, UAE.

The objective of ImageContext is to create visual intelligence. The means are coherent visual messages. Design for design’s sake is out of our range of priorities. ImageContext's design approach is always based on individual research and analysis.

The projects that trigger our interest vary from corporate identity, information design and exhibitions to custom-made lettering/type design, design for print, and web, and purely conceptual solutions.

We design with love. Collaboration with other passionate studios and designers is welcome.

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